When our phones ring in my Alexandria, Virginia, office, I realize I may be about to meet an amazing new visionary.

Here is how one such call began. “I want to build a French house,” the caller said,“Not an American interpretation of a French house. Do you know the difference?” I smiled! I spent most of my childhood in France, in Paris, and count French architecture among my many design passions. “Yes!” I said..


I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” -Oscar Wilde

That gentleman went on to explain at length his vision for a home that would draw from his own experiences visiting majestic France over the course of many years.  He wanted to capture in stone these experiences that had shaped who he had become over time, that drove his art and wine collecting, and he decided to trust me with the design and execution of his vision from that important conversation forward.

Several years later now, his dream home is fully realized, carefully assembled by the finest master craftsmen under my direction, and his family’s love of France and life is displayed in every room and architectural detail. Their new home feels authentic in a timeless way…because it truly is authentic – in its materials, details and architectural form. Of more significance, their home reflects their life journey, love of beauty, and their dreams for a continued life together.  And it is spurring others to take the same journey of discovery with them.

Under construction. To be continued…



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