Core Philosophy of Design

Daniel Lee Architect is passionately committed to the creation of architecture deeply rooted in the great historic architectural traditions, in a diverse range of styles and building types.  Such work, by its very nature, invites extensive client exchange throughout the design process, and all work is exquisitely detailed in response to this thoughtful collaboration.

Members of the firm have written on the history, philosophy and religious implications of contemporary architectural expressions, and are strong advocates for a return to architecture grounded in traditional conceptions of human life, culture, and craftsmanship.  Daniel Lee’s formative years and initial exposure to fine architecture took place in Paris, France as a child, complemented by extensive travel throughout the world.  He has studied with The Prince of Wales, many leading architectural theorists and classicists in both the United States and abroad, and was a founding board member of the Institute for Classical Architecture in Washington DC.

The English scholar and author Dorothy Sayers once observed that, “As the mind of the maker has been made manifest in a work, a way of communication is established between other minds and his.  That is to say, it is possible for a reader, by reading a book, to discover something about the mind of the writer.”  We believe this principle holds true in works of architecture, and aspire to the creation of architecture that communes with the Transcendent, and provides a sense of meaningful place for those who engage it, in both space and time.

“We long for the day when truly beautiful buildings grace our cities once again.  We hunger for that day when their masterly designs whisper to us with an awesome beauty, in a language our souls understand, and point with promise to that City whose sustainer and architect is God.”      –

Daniel Lee


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