I Want to Build…

“I want to build a French house,” the caller said,“Not an American interpretation of a French house…

Do you know the difference?” 

Yes! I said….without the slightest hesitation. I smiled, because I had spent most of my childhood in France, in the City of Paris, and count French architecture among my many design passions.

My gentleman caller then shared his vision for a magnificent new home, authentic in its materials and craftsmanship. that would draw from his own many experiences traveling in majestic France over many years.  He wanted to capture in carved stone those experiences that had shaped who he had become over time, that had given birth to his lifelong passion for fine art and wine collecting. And, he decided to trust me that day with the design and execution of his life’s vision from that important conversation forward.

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“I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” Oscar Wilde

Now, several years later, his dream home is fully realized, carefully assembled by the finest master craftsmen under my direction. His family’s love of France and life is displayed in every room and architectural detail. Their new home feels authentic in a timeless way…because it truly is authentic: in its materials, details, and architectural form. Of more significance, their home reflects their personal life journey, deep love of beauty, and dreams for a continued life together.  And their home is spurring others to take similar journeys of discovery with them.

 What Do You Want to Build?

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re an accomplished high achiever, committed to winning at work and, just as important, succeeding at the refined art of living well and growing your influence. You want to live a life that makes a difference in this world, to reach your fullest potential. You want your work and life to be meaningful and have impact.

In your travels around the world you’ve seen powerful architecture, built by great leaders of the past. You have a deep passion to create a distinguished work of architecture of your own: a very personal dream home, or perhaps a serene place of worship, or an iconic business brand building. In fact, you have been thinking about this undertaking for quite a long time. And people have observed that at your deep core you love to build things, whether the venture be a business, a building or city.

A few things may be standing in your way right now. Is there too much to do, with too little time? Maybe you can identify with this client:

“I am deeply driven by all I want to accomplish. But, I often feel time is slipping by and much of what I focus on every day now will not last.  I want to create permanent things, building toward the finest things of life, and leave behind a mark and a meaningful legacy when I am gone.” – Jack M.

Does that sound like you? Be honest.

– Do you feel like life is coming at you faster than you can manage it?

– Do you feel like the important things are falling through the cracks?

– Do you worry that what seemed a temporary setback has now become permanent?

You’re not alone. We have all felt this way at times.

I know How You Feel

For years I ran on the success treadmill, moving my young family from city to city, house to house, as my career evolved. And those moves were often at the expense of the very relationships that mattered most to me.

Eventually, when I settled down as the CEO of my own growing architectural practice, I faced the ever present reality that there is more to do than time to do it. I learned that the point is not to do more, but to do the important things really well; to Focus on the best things. If you’re like me, that means carefully investing in your relationship with God, your spouse and family, your health and relationships with friends, church and community, along with building a high quality business. Those are the high priorities. And often, those priorities call for an appropriate new kind of architecture, a specially crafted place in the world, where the things and people I care for can thrive in a much greater way.

My Goal

My goal as an architect and designer, and in the writing and speaking I do, is to support and serve visionary leaders like you; as you dream of and create new places where your life with others can flourish, where you can become all you hope to be.

It’s simple – with you I do my best work. My mission is to help you claim your story and acquire the vision, clarity, courage, and commitment you need to create new life outcomes, through beautifully crafted, fine, enduring new architecture.

Working together, we can shape a magical new ‘place’ that tells your story of transformation, and encourage the values and high priorities that mean the most to you today.

I can guide you on the right path to that success, providing bespoke professional design advice and services, with a proven proprietary creative process.

The Cost

The great cost of doing nothing is extremely high for dreamers, and especially for those they serve. Visions come to dreamers and leaders because a tangible or real need presents itself. Some of today’s problems are enormous. Dreamers and leaders know they are called to rise up and respond, to move forward through obstacles toward new enduring solutions, for the lasting fruit they bring. Such dreamers and leaders are the real heroes of every culture. From the ancient Odysseus to the game changing titans of today, those who move forward are rare.

So, what is driving you? What challenge are you facing? Are you a high-achiever who has lived an extraordinary life that begs to be expressed in something enduring, to help change the world?

What is it costing you to wait?

Want to explore the path to building your dream? Go HERE now. Wait no longer.

– Daniel Lee






  • About Daniel Lee


    Born in the United States, Daniel Lee spent his formative years abroad in Paris, France, where he was trained to see art, architecture and gardens as natural allies in the shaping of an imaginative and meaningful world. Focused exclusively on creating truly original works of design, he sees his clients as equal partners in shaping the world that should be. He loves to write, sketch, and read philosophy; is married to a poet, and lives and works in historic Alexandria, Virginia.

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"Daniel created beautiful architecture for my home, where i enjoy my life long collection of French Impressionist paintings. Every day has been enriched immeasurably by his talents and friendship."

- Spencer Hays, Chairman of Southwestern, & Commander of the French Legion of Honor