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Away, to the Sky



Release your dreams, to take flight,


your fondest desires for home to be expressed…


for before long, by force of ingenuity and imagination, they will rise up before you, on the west wind…


While many steps and extraordinary care are taken, to birth beautiful dreams into beautiful luxurious custom homes, our creative process is simple.


Bring us your inspired ideas, your fondest reveries of home.


We will collaborate with these ancient muses, drawing out highly elegant, timeless architectural expressions, distilled into a striking, singular, and highly personal design.


The so conceived creation will then rise upon your chosen land, to reveal its full artistic form and beauty, through the artisan hands of our carefully selected expert builders and master-craftsmen.


And so… your long-imagined way of life, in its beautiful, masterful setting, embracing a new joy-filled approach to life, will finally have its beginning.


Make it so.





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My phone was ringing…


I put down my pen, and lifting the receiver, said, “Hello?”


My caller introduced himself, and then began to speak with a sense of urgency.


He said, “I want to build a French house, not an American interpretation of a French house…Do you know the difference?”


“Certainly,I said, without a moment’s hesitation. 


He described a magnificent vision, as if from years of reflection.  Soaring in scale, authentic in…





“Like a fairy tale, you lose your bearings in both space and time once you turn onto the French cobblestone driveway. Everything looks at once strange and familiar in this magical place…this outstanding jewel box was designed to house countless art treasures – paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings, precious books – gradually collected over time.” – Isabelle Cahn, Head Curator, Musee d’Orsay, Paris, France




What Do You Want to Build?


Do you love the arts and travel?

Perhaps, as you’ve worked and traveled around the world, you have experienced stunning works of architecture, conceived and built by passionate master builders of the past. Such works represented something deeply important in their creator’s lives, and today they are a rich part of our shared cultural heritage, a passage in our human story now centuries later. Those works reflect hopes, longings and passionately held beliefs in “how the world should be.” And as their legacy to us, those abiding human passions still shine brightly through the architecture that survives them.

Maybe now is the time for you to let your passions find expression, to commission a significant new work of architecture yourself, in your own time and place today; something deeply personal, meaningful, distinguished and refined. Maybe a deep internal voice has been pressing you toward this noble undertaking for a long time now. Perhaps your friends have told you you’re a “natural” builder – after all, you been building people, dynamic businesses, institutions, and visions of some kind, for how long now? What if you pushed that envelope further now?

Is it time to build your personal “place in the world” now, where you can live out even more fully the person you want to become in the world, in this season in your life?

Of course, some things may seem to stand in your way right now.  Maybe you can identify with this client:

“I am deeply driven by all I want to accomplish in life. But, time is slipping by and much of what I focus on every day now will not last.  I now want to create permanent things, higher things, and leave behind a meaningful legacy in this world when I am gone.” – Jack W.

Does that sound like you? Be honest.

If so, you’re not alone. We all feel this way at times.

I Know How It Feels


For years, like many, I ran on the hamster wheel, moving my young family from city to city as my career evolved. And many of those career moves were often sadly at the expense of what mattered most to me, my family.

Eventually, I settled down into my own expanding architectural practice, and faced the reality that I needed to change. I needed to experience life and take care of myself and my family. I began to delegate more, and focus where I was able to make the greatest impact for my clients. I became a more intentional and centered person, closer in my relationships with family, friends, my health, and spiritual journey, and to build the kind of personal architecture they needed. Can you relate?

I Want Something for You


This is why I want something really new for you – what some would call a new “life chapter.” As a highly experienced and trusted advisor, I will help you focus, refine, express and create the new life you want to live, so you can become the person you really want to become, by crafting a one-of-a-kind, timeless personal work of architecture for you. As we explore your way of seeing the world and your unique life story, we will give these expression in finely proportioned, beautiful spaces, with charming details crafted in legendary materials such as hand-carved stone, chased bronze-work, truly custom mill-work and cabinetry, elegant hand drawn plaster moldings, and fine hand finishes. Then we will build a fine garden, purchase fine art, custom furnishings and accessories, all to your liking. Through this creative collaboration of reflecting upon and expressing your life, and through the design of this singular work of architecture, you will experience a deep and enduring change in your outlook on life. What began as a dream, will become real. The architecture we dream of will become your home, your very special, very new personal place in the world. And as you take courage and realize such a dream, you will broaden your influence of others, open new doors to new business ventures, and enjoy a much deeper engagement with others in life. And, finally, like the noble builders of the past, whose time-worn architectural creations still whisper to us of their dreams, visions and passion,  you will leave something that carries the human story forward to generations of visionaries to come.

Creating such transformational architecture is the heart, joy and purpose of my work.

Are you a dreamer and a builder? Does this vision resonate with you?

Take a Stand


Only you can reach for this prize, because it represents a life that only you can live.

Take a Step. Toward. Change.

To help you explore this journey further, I have set aside personal time to speak with visionary builders like you.

If you’re right for this endeavor, I can help you see the way forward.

To schedule an initial consultation, where you can borrow my brain, so to speak, and find answers to the questions you have right now, you should set up a call with me.

You may do that Here.

I want to hear about the vision you want to build!


Daniel Lee, RA, NCARB







"Daniel created beautiful architecture for my home, where i enjoy my life long collection of French Impressionist paintings. Every day has been enriched immeasurably by his talents and friendship."

- Spencer Hays, Chairman of Southwestern, & Commander of the French Legion of Honor