Architecture is in Pursuit of


A recurring Dream,


Of a deeper, more meaningful life



Bring us your grand, most passionate dreams,


For how your life and home should be,


Daydreams of what each day will be like.


We’ll carefully uphold it, fulfill the dream,


And you will be transformed forever after.



The phone was ringing.


I slowly put down my pen. Lifting the receiver, I said, “Hello?”


My caller introduced himself briefly, and then began speaking with

a sense of excitement and urgency.


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He said, “I want to build a French house, not an American interpretation of a French house…Do you know the difference?”


“Certainly,I said, without a moment’s hesitation. 


He described a life story and a magnificent vision, as if from years of reflection.  Soaring in scale, authentic in…




“Like a fairy tale, you lose your bearings in both space and time once you turn onto the French cobblestone driveway. Everything looks at once strange and familiar in this magical place…this outstanding jewel box.” – Isabelle Cahn, Musee d’Orsay, Paris, France





How to begin?


 As Stephen Covey wisely said, “Begin with the end in mind.” 

Listen again, closely, to those lifelong dreams that have been the compass for your life.

What are the dreams that have moved the important mountains in your life?

Listen to them, for they are your friend even now.

As you’ve worked, studied, and maybe traveled around the world, you have likely encountered moving works of architecture, conceived and built by master builders, and visionary entrepreneurs and leaders of the past. Their works reflect the deeper life questions, dreams and ambitions that drove their creators’s lives. Today, centuries later, their works continue to form a significant part of our cultural heritage and dialogue, and influence our own life story. Their works bear repeated study, and resonate with us because we, like them, also seek to understand and shape anew “how the world should be.” Their struggles, stories, and passions still shine brightly through the art and architecture they have left to us. What do we want to say today, and what will we leave behind for others in turn?

I cannot know, but maybe now has become a time for you to express your own vision for how the world should be, to explore the creation of significant architecture yourself – something personal, meaningful, distinguished and refined, as a contribution to those you love, and for those who will follow you on the great journey of life. 

If so, let’s set up a phone call, to think through your story, your journey, and your ambitions, and find a way to get you there.

Let’s talk soon.

Daniel Lee




3 Steps to

Master-crafting Architecture


The process first begins with a formal meeting to discover your project goals and aesthetic tastes. This is all about your dream, and we invite you to share.


Then, we put together conceptual drawings, design boards and images, to illustrate this vision and each space in detail. As you respond to these, we refine them until you feel the picture is just right.


Finally, your project is built by expert professional artisans, craftsmen, gardens and interiors teams, and then we hand you the keys! It will feel as though all boundaries are suspended, and all you ever imagined and more will be true, for you dared to dream.

And you will journey higher and higher with time, becoming all you’re are meant to be.





Six trans-formative

Experiences await you



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“Like a fairy tale, you lose your bearings in both space and time… Everything looks at once strange and familiar in this magical place…this outstanding jewel box, designed to house countless art treasures – paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings, precious books.”

– Isabelle Cahn, Head Curator, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France